We offer short, fun bursts of interactive training, utilizing the power of theatre strategies to innovatively provide our clients with walk-out-the-door-usable-skills. Period.

Answers to Common Questions…

1. What are Soft Skills?

What are “soft skills?”

We define soft skills as the very necessary “non-technical” or interpersonal skills we use every day. These skills range from all aspects of communication including public speaking and presentation to conflict resolution, critical thinking and leadership skills. We utilize theatre strategies as our method of teaching. We play, we make mistakes, we do it again.

2. Why should I improve soft skills?

My skills are fine…why should I worry about making them better?

We believe “fine” is not good enough. At Practical Dramatics, we believe that honing and sharpening your skills is a good thing, and stepping outside of your comfort zone makes you greater, no matter what business you’re in.

3. Can soft skills help my business to make more money?

Okay, but will that help me make more money?

Yes! Great soft skills translate to a higher earning potential. Individual soft skills are monetizable on the job market and to employers, who very often see increased profits when soft skills are part of a corporate training plan. A study in Europe puts the value of soft skills to businesses at $127 billion dollars per year! That’s a lot of skills.

4. What is a creative studio environment?

What is a “creative studio environment”?

It’s how we operate. It’s a fundamental way of experiential teaching and it’s rooted in the theatre. We don’t want to lecture you – that’s boring & pointless. We share ideas with you and provide interactive exercises and activities to illustrate and illuminate the concepts. You get it because you’re doing it. Everything is a process that is honed by the questions, “what was right?” and “how can this be improved?” We are constructive, not destructive. And we play!

5. Why should I work with a Practical Dramatics coach?

Why should I work with Practical Dramatics as opposed to some other training outfit?

You mean, what’s our SUPER POWER? Here’s the short answer:

  1. We offer short, fun bursts of interactive training as opposed to long hours of lectures & slides.

  2. We utilize the power of theatre to innovatively provide our clients with the best delivery of soft skills training money can buy.

  3. You walk out the door with usable skills. Period.

Here’s the long(er) answer: We give you access to skills and techniques to move through the world in a way you haven’t thought of before. We believe in play because creative play is a pathway to growth and change and leadership. We use theatre skills as a basis for much of what we do because everything you ever wanted to know about communication, branding and being a leader can be found in theatre. By utilizing a unique perspective and providing interactive experiences, we can help you and your team create real change.