We offer short, fun bursts of interactive training, utilizing the power of theatre strategies to innovatively provide our clients with walk-out-the-door-usable-skills. Period.

Meet the Team


LB Adams

Founder, Trainer & Communication Catalyst

LB is a TEDx speaker (see video below), educator, actor, director and former banker. As someone who came into this world as an introvert, she recognizes how challenging communication, public speaking, soft skills, and leadership can be for some people. With Practical Dramatics, LB has applied business communication to a theatre strategies-based platform to provide soft skills training for the 21st Century and beyond. 

Jason Torres, Practical Dramatics Trainer

Jason Torres

Trainer & Communication Catalyst

Jason is a Miami native and graduate of the College of Charleston, where he studied Theatre Performance & Communication. He completed his M.Ed. in Counselor Education at the Citadel. He is passionate about working with people to develop their particular talents, skills and “voice.”

Brooklyn Office Dog


Office Inspiration

Brooklyn is a yellow Lab of few words and great skills. She is a graduate of obedience school and an avid fan of all-day naps. She is the inspiration for a thousand ideas and one of the best pitch dogs in the business. She is semi-retired but periodically puts her soulful doggy gaze to productive use.

Enough is enough, says LB Adams, who finally realized quite some time ago to stop adjusting who she was for the comfort of others. These days, LB uses her skills to help others, with a focus on women, to show up - and speak up - for precisely who they are and how they want to be seen.