We Need More Bigger (and Better) Conversations

Progress starts with a conversation. Nothing moves forward without the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Mr. Trump is now President because a large portion of our country felt they weren’t being listened to and/or that their concerns were not the concerns of the people in power. This past Saturday, millions of people worldwide marched because we wanted to connect our conversations together. America itself was born because we, the people, were being taxed without a say in how we were governed, so we created a new government.

We live in exciting times.

We can no longer sit in our “rightness” or our “righteousness” and believe the world will come to us. There’s too much at stake. We must ask questions. We must get very good at listening. It’s not enough to ask a question if your sole purpose is to use that time to compile your rebuttal. We need to hear each other.

We have to learn to leave the snark at the door.

Social media gives us untold opportunities to “read” someone or respond in a way that we might never consider doing if we were face-to-face. So, let’s do this… Let’s imagine every single interaction you have on social media is a face-to-face conversation. Might that change how you decide to respond, IF you decide to respond at all? Oh, and let’s leave labels, name-calling and “alternative facts” out of it entirely, hmmm?

We have a responsibility to each other.

There is no us/them. It is only us/us. Yes, we are different. Yes, our perspectives are as wide ranging as the Earth is large. Our differences make for more interesting conversations. How damnably boring would life be if we all agreed with each other all the time? Maybe that’s the point of it; perhaps we’re not all supposed to agree. Maybe the point of everything is not agreement, but conversations that spark ideas that spark more conversations. That’s how we move forward. We ask questions. We listen. We learn, because we are responsible to each other.

LB Adams is the Founder of Practical Dramatics headquartered in Charleston, SC.  Her company utilizes theater strategies to help humans grow more profitable conversations with other humans.