Our New Favorite Business Term - Ninjafy!

If you’re a fan of this blog, you know we love words. Let’s face it, communication would be very difficult without the written and spoken word, so we maintain our steadfast love affair with all things word-y.

Toward the end of last year, my daughter and I were talking about creating small successes, even when it seems the odds are stacked against you or the world doesn’t want you to win. We decided we would call this act “ninjafy.” We imagined a black-clad figure moving stealthily and steadfastly towards goals, until they’re tapping world domination on the shoulder.

We thought we had invented a new word until an internet search showed ninjafy as an entry in the Urban Dictionary. Their definition is related to causing damage to yourself or another person through the use of martial arts. Yikes! Frankly, I like my definition better. It’s adoptable as part of a business methodology, and there’s less personal peril.

Consider this:



1.  The act of achieving goals in small, stealthy and unconventional ways, always moving toward a greater purpose.

This is my theme for the year. Feel free to make it yours.

Happy New Year!

LB Adams is the Founder of Practical Dramatics headquartered in Charleston, SC. Her company works with businesses utilizing theater strategies to grow greater conversations.