3 Ways To Grow Greater Conversations

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The answer to the question is yes.

Yes, it is time to get really good at having a conversation.

But you’ve been doing it all your life, you say. You have conversations every day with lots of people who don’t complain about your communication skills, you say. 

Maybe they’re just being nice. Maybe you’re their boss. Maybe they lack the skills to tell you how bad you really are at the whole “communication thing.” 

Thank goodness we’re here. 

We’ve made a handy dandy little chart that shows you the three ways in which humans communicate interpersonally. 

3 Ways to Grow Greater Conversations.png

What is comes down to is this:

  1. Words are vehicles for facts. 
  2. MUCH, MUCH more information is given by the picture you present when speaking than the actual words coming out of your mouth.
  3. How you say the words directly influences the speaker’s perception of your intent and emotional status. 

Growing your awareness of what goes into great communication means that you’ll be a better listener and a better conversationalist.

And conversations change the world. 


LB Adams is the Founder of Practical Dramatics headquartered in Charleston, SC. Her company produces training events utilizing theatre strategies to help humans grow more profitable conversations with other humans.