2017 Was A Hell Of A Year

2017 Year End Business Lessons.jpg

2017 was a hard year. I feel like the world shifted. Maybe you don’t agree. Maybe you sailed through with nary a worry or a care and all the gods smiled on your every endeavor. For me, not so much. It was a good year - I’m here breathing, typing and evaluating the past 330+ days, so no complaints, but it was a hard, damn year. 

Personally and professionally, it was a year of growth. My company expanded, both people-wise and program-wise (If you can’t tell, I’m dancing as I type that one). We were able to work with a wider array of people and companies on a broader & deeper level than we ever had before. Our consulting business has grown and I’m happy to report that we’ve begun a political arm working with people who are running for office for the first time.

On a personal note, everyone I love is well and healthy. And while my beloved Labrador compatriot Brooklyn died this year, our other Labrador, Bronx (yes, a theme), is well and at the ready to chase tennis balls though she has a stately grey face.

I got told “no” a lot this year. Like, a LOT. Rejection sucks and yet, it is a sort of balm to a hungry heart. I leave these no’s parked in the “You don’t know what you’re missing, but you will…” garage. 

I learned big lessons and small this year. I just spent an hour teaching my flip-phone toting, computer-phobic, mother-in-law, via telephone, how to sign up and use Venmo. I am reminded again that patience and perspective are the gifts that keep giving. 

Here are my most important lessons from 2017:

  1. Cute shoes are cute shoes, and will be worn even though they kill my feet.
  2. Believe half-heartedly what they say and whole-heartedly what they do.
  3. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Keep asking.
  4. Anger can be motivation.
  5. Collaboration is the way.
  6. We Rate Dogs is the best account on Twitter.
  7. Action is the air required for ideas to grow.
  8. Perfect is the death of good (Always learning this one...)
  9. Time is running out.
  10. Read everything.
  11. You are who you choose to be.
  12. Some of the recipes on Facebook are really good!
  13. Now, more than ever, conversations are what will drive us, save us and move us forward.

How'd 2017 treat you?


LB Adams is the Founder of Practical Dramatics headquartered in Charleston, SC.  Her company provides fun, interactive soft skills training events utilizing theatre strategies to help humans grow more profitable conversations with other humans.