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Elevator Pitch Perfection Training for Sales People

Elevator Pitch Perfection

Your pitch is your audition. Your elevator speech is how you personally communicate you and your business to the world - shouldn’t it be great? We’ll guide you and the rest of the participants in deconstructing and then reconstructing each other’s pitch for maximum effect utilizing our three-point template. You’ll walk out with a clear understanding of how to authentically and memorably convey your brand message well, in a short amount of time.

Useful For: People in sales, customer service, management, well… just about everyone in your organization who represents your organization.

Number of Participants: Limited to 15 people per session.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hrs.

Women In Business Confidence Training

Speaking Your Own Greatness

This interactive talk is geared primarily to women. In this frank and funny conversation, we provide a revolutionary way to speak well about yourself. Too frequently, women (in particular) are unsure of how to talk accurately and assertively about their skills, abilities and knowledge. In this session, we give you the template to better frame your personal brand, and a forum for problem-solving with others familiar with the conversation.

Useful For: Primarily women, corporate in-house groups or women-centric organizations.

Number of Participants: Unlimited.

Running Time: Approximately 1-1.5 hrs.

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Creative Play & Shifting Perspective

This is literally our most hands-on team building experience yet. We’ll ask your teams to play with an open mind and to use all of their senses, including smell and touch. This workshop is all about brain-wellness and activating our desire to play, learn and explore. From the “secret bags” to building structures, this workshop was born out of looking at play as something not just desirable, but necessary to our long term health and success. This is an excellent team-building program that’s unlike anything you’ve done or seen before. Get ready to learn outside the box!

Useful For: Everyone in your organization.

Number of Participants: Up to 60 people per session.

Running Time: Approximately 1-1.5 hrs.

Customizable Business Workshops and Training Sessions

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