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Training for the 21st Century should be customized, tailored and relevant to you. You decide what the needs of your team are and we'll configure learning specifically for them based on topics and skill level. Everything we do is interactive and fun to ensure your people are engaged and retain more information. This is customization at its absolute best.

Here's how it works:


determine your level of training based on the experience of the attendee: 1) Debut - BASICS; 2) Rising Star - GROWTH; or 3) Award Winner - LEADEr.


CHOOSE Two or more “scenes” from THAT level to custom-craft your workshop experience.


Tell us how many people, when & where so We can stage a fun and impactful learning event!


Debut: The Basics

These modules are the structure and foundation of all of your interpersonal skills scripts.

Communication 101: A review of verbal, para-verbal & non-verbal skills and why the world needs you to be a better communicator.

Business Etiquette: You’re not a savage, so we’ll make sure you know how not to be perceived as one.

Sensible Customer Service: Everything, EVERYTHING is customer service and we’ll show you how to give and receive great service.

What If…? - Overcoming Fear: An actor’s process for facing and re-writing the fear script in public speaking & presentation.

Networking Skills: You don’t want to, but you gotta, so do it well, and learn how NOT to be that guy.

Non-Verbal Mastery: Pay attention to the cues, understand them and you’ll profit.

Meeting Participation: You can’t just eat the donuts, you have to participate and contribute profitably. We’ll teach you how.

Elevator Pitch - 101: We’ll break down how to tell people who you are, what you do and why you’re awesome.

*Public Speaking: Stage fright? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the tools to work it out.

*Creative Play: Play isn’t just for kids, it’s good for grown-up teams as well.

*Squad Goals: Sometimes working with other people sucks - we’ll teach you how to work together.

*Storytelling: Business runs on telling a good story, so what’s yours?

*This workshop can be part of a Progressive Educational Script (described below).


Rising Star: Growth


Cue the Camera: Learn how to be engaging and authentic on camera so you can present your best self.

Enhancing Engagement - Face to Face: We’ll teach you how to have more profitable conversations, in person.

Enhancing Engagement - Via Telephone: You spend A LOT of time on the phone - we’ll teach you how to make the most of those conversations.

Meeting Facilitation: In this down and dirty session, we’ll teach you how to better run a meeting OR a conversation with these five A’s.

Elevator Pitch - 102: You’ve got the basics, now let’s create a pitch that is more conversation than monologue.

*Public Speaking: Developing a process to present and speak well with any audience.

*Creative Play: Now that you know how to play, we’ll show you how you can inspire and lead others.

*Squad Goals: Building teams that work and work together through skilled communication.

*Storytelling: Including texture and sensory input to create unforgettable business stories.

*This workshop can be part of a Progressive Educational Script (described below).


Award Winner: Leader

this is about helping you to lead others and how you communicate leadership skills to your teams. IN THESE SESSIONS, WE’LL REVIEW and REHEARSE PREVIOUS modules AND EVOLVE THOSE SKILLS SO THEY’RE STELLAR.

Exercising Servant Leadership: Telling, teaching and acting with profitable communication skills.

Vocal Acuity & Mic Skills: Using your literal voice to command the space, with and without amplification.

Big Goal, Little Goal: Breaking down the script - sharing and achieving big goals through a little goal process.

*Public Speaking: It’s time to go off script - handling questions, snafus and being able to speak “off the cuff.”

*Creative Play: Learning how to play well with others is half the script; now it’s time to lead your team with joy, creativity & imagination.

*Squad Goals: Leading teams that communicate, innovate and play well together & don’t suck the life out of you.

*Storytelling: You’ve got the script, you’ve got the emotion - here’s how you and your business speak directly to your captured audience.

*This workshop can be part of a Progressive Educational Script (described below).


Progressive Educational Scripts

This academy-style training intensive allows participants to work through each level consecutively to grow specific skills.

Academy-Style Learning Chart.png


Looking for something different?

Looking for a more progressive experience or different scenes for different levels/types of teams? We've got you covered! We can build scripts based entirely on a single event experience or more of an academy-style program. That's the beauty of Practical Dramatics. We'll build training for you.